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Tips for Handling Chronic Pain

Last updated 4 years ago

The pain of a broken bone or bruised skin can be severe, but it normally disappears with time. For individuals with chronic pain, though, discomfort is constant. Even worse, it can occur with no obvious cause, making it difficult for sufferers to address its source. Palms of Pasadena Hospital encourages St. Petersburg area residents to take action to stop their chronic pain with the following tips.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

In some cases, chronic pain develops as the result of arthritis. This chronic disease, which deteriorates joint health, can lead to progressive discomfort and stiffness in the back, hips, knees, and other joint areas. Arthritis can occur due to several causes, including joint injuries and autoimmune issues, but obesity is a contributing factor in many cases. To alleviate the chronic pain that arthritis can produce, sufferers may want to consider a weight loss regimen to lessen pressure on painful joints.

Reconsider Your Everyday Activities

Chronic pain can sometimes arise as the result of repeating the same activities on a regular basis. For instance, individuals who must frequently lift heavy objects might develop lower back or knee pain. People who frequently take part in swimming or tennis might experience shoulder or elbow discomfort. Even long bouts of sitting in a chair can bring on back pain. Whether for work or pleasure, repetitive activities can contribute to chronic pain. Individuals with repetitive work responsibilities or pastimes may need to reassess their activities to lessen their chronic pain.

Are you frustrated by debilitating chronic pain? To get the immediate and long-term relief you deserve, call Palms of Pasadena Hospital at (855) 245-8328. Our pain management specialists in St. Petersburg can help you determine the most appropriate treatment options to remedy your ongoing discomfort.


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