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Heart-Healthy Diet Tips for Seniors

Last updated 4 years ago

Good heart health starts on the plate. During your senior years, it’s more important than ever to make good food choices to keep your heart healthy. Palms of Pasadena Hospital has the closest emergency room to St. Pete Beach and provides critical care to patients experiencing heart crises, but you can reduce your risk of heart disease by making these dietary tweaks.

Practice Portion Control

It’s easy to eat more calories than you need, and that leads to weight gain that can put stress on your heart. Get control of your portions by eating more meals at home and sticking to single servings at meals. Avoid snacking while watching TV or working on the computer, as you’re more likely to lose track of what you’re eating when you’re distracted. Ask your doctor for portion size guidelines for you.

Reduce Empty Calories

Seniors often find that they are just not as hungry as they used to be when they were younger. While this decline in appetite is normal, it means that it is more important than ever to make every calorie count. Don’t fill up on foods with little nutritional value, like white bread, candy, and sodas. These foods could make you feel full before you eat more nutritious choices. Instead, choose foods like colorful veggies, oatmeal, lean proteins, and whole-grain carbohydrates. These foods give you the nutrients you need and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Talk to Your Doctor About Your Diet

Discuss your eating habits with your doctor. If you have health issues that impact your heart, like diabetes or high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend an eating plan that helps you manage your condition, and in turn, your heart health. Your doctor can also help you address problems that interfere with how you eat, such as medications that alter the taste of food.

In Palms of Pasadena Hospital’s Heart Care department, we take a holistic approach to cardiac care. Our experts deal with everything from heart health emergencies to long-term care for chronic cardiac conditions. For a physician referral or more information about our services, from pain management to hernia care, call our St. Petersburg hospital at (855) 245-8328. 


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