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Recognizing the Symptoms of Stroke in Women

Last updated 3 years ago

When it comes to stroke, the best strategy to ensure a positive recovery is early treatment immediately following the onset of symptoms. With emergency care that can restore blood flow to the brain, there is a lower likelihood for long-term disabilities caused by permanent damage in the brain tissue. The acronym FAST is generally considered the best guideline for recognizing stroke symptoms in the face, arms, and speech. For women, however, there may be some unique stroke symptoms that could delay treatment, because they differ from the standard list of stroke signs.


In occurrences of both heart attack and stroke, women may lose consciousness or faint. This is not a common sign in men, but for women fainting should be addressed with emergency care, since it could be a sign of something serious.

Sudden mood changes

Changes in speech patterns are generally the most recognized behavioral change that accompanies stroke, but there may be mood changes or agitation in women. These changes in behavior may also be seen with confusion or disorientation, which are more commons symptoms for both men and women.

Nausea or vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are more symptoms that could indicate heart attack or stroke in women. If these are the only symptoms experienced, there is a low likelihood that stroke is the cause, but when other symptoms like those discussed here are present, nausea should not be ignored.


Just like nausea, you might not think twice about hiccups or consider them a sign of an emergency. This is why it is important not to rule any symptom out and seek emergency care when you are not sure what is causing abnormal behaviors or sensations.

When you need stroke care in St. Petersburg, you can trust The Stroke Center at Palms of Pasadena Hospital. We cover stroke care from the emergency room to ongoing recovery at home with incredibly low average wait times in the ER that ensure quick care when it is needed most. You can explore our services in detail on our website or call us at (855) 245-8328 to speak with one of our nurses. 


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